Review of Laws and Legislative Measures Affecting Women
by National Commission for Women (NCW)

No.9. Eve Teasing (New Legislation)

Existing Provisions

Ss. 294 and 509 of the Indian Penal Code. A Bill on the same subject was earlier introduced and passed by the Rajya Sabha in 1988.

While pending before the Lok Sabha, due to dissolution of the Lok Sabha the Bill lapsed.

Proposed Amendments by Government

A proposal for the enactment of the Delhi Prohibition of Eve Teasing Bill, 1992 received from the Ministry of Home Affairs (1992). The proposal referred to the Commission in 1992 contained the Delhi Eve Teasing Bill of 1984 (which has been passed by the Delhi Metropolitan Council for adoption by Parliament.

Suggested Amendments by NCW

  1. The short title and the enacting formula have to be suitably amended as the proposed Bill is being brought forward in 1993.

  2. In view of the nature of the offence contemplated in the proposed Bill, the definition of 'man' as suggested in clause 2 (b) of the proposed legislation may be omitted.

  3. Clause 3 of the proposed legislation of 'Eve-teasing' appears to be only an amalgam of provisions of sections 294 and 509 of the IPC.

  4. The new legislation does not make any improvement but on the contrary appear to have diluted th punishment for the offence (vide clause 4 of the Bill).

General Suggestions and Remarks

The lapsed Bill of 1988 was better drafted than the Delhi Prohibition of Eve Teasing Bill of 1984.

Some of the voluntary organizations suggested that the expression 'Eve Teasing' should be replaced by a more appropriate expression suitable for the Indian context.

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