Frequently Asked Questions about Complaint Registration

A person intending to file a complaint before the National Commission for women may do so by making a complaint on the official website of the Commission or under the section of 'register online complaints'. One can also send a written application containing all the important details (along with supporting documents, if any) through post or by hand.

Any case involving deprivation of women’s right or harassment of women in India can be registered with the National Commission for Women. The complaint should disclose complete details of the matter with specific relief/intervention sought from the National Commission for Women.

Complaints related to following 23 broad categories are entertained by the National Commission for Women:

  1. Rape / Attempt to rape
  2. Acid Attack
  3. Sexual Assault
  4. Sexual harassment
  5. Stalking / Voyeurism
  6. Trafficking / prostitution of women
  7. Outraging modesty of women / Molestation 
  8. Cyber crimes against women
  9. Police Apathy against women
  10. Harassment of married women / Dowry Harassment
  11. Dowry Death
  12. Bigamy / Polygamy
  13. Protection of women against Domestic Violence
  14. Women’s right of custody of children / Divorce
  15. Right to exercise choice in marriage / Honour Crimes
  16. Right to live with dignity
  17. Sexual Harassment of women at workplace
  18. Denial of maternity benifits to women
  19. Gender discrimination including eqaul right to education and work
  20. Indecent representation of women
  21. Sex Selective Abortions; Female Foeticide / Amniocentesis
  22. Traditional practices derogatory to women rights like Sati Pratha, Devdasi Pratha and Witch Hunting
  23. Free legal aid for women

The following categories of complaints are liable to be summarily dismissed by the National Commission for Women:
  1. Complaints which are illegible or vague, anonymous or pseudonymous;
  2. The issue raised relates to civil dispute between the parties;
  3. The issue raised relates to service matters;
  4. Matter is sub judice before a Court/Tribunal;
  5.  Complaints which are already pending before a State Commission or any other Commission
  6. Complaints only endorsed to the Commission
  7. Complaints involving no deprivation of women rights

An acknowledgment along with complaint number, login ID and password is sent to the complainant upon receipt of complaint by the National Commission for Women if the complaint has been accepted by the National Commission for Women. In the event of the complaint being rejected, the same shall be communicated to the complainant at the earliest. One can also check it telephonically or by personally visiting the National Commission for Women.

If your complaint is accepted by the National Commission for Women you will be allotted a complaint number with login ID and password which can be used to track the status of your complaint on the website of the Commission. You can also check the same telephonically or by personally visiting the National Commission for Women.

For complaint related queries dial :- 011-26944880, 26944883

You can contact us anytime between 9.00 AM – 5.30 PM. Working Days - Monday to Friday or you can send details through email at any time.

  • Contact details of the complainant (Mandatory) and the respondent ( if available )
  • Brief description of the incident
  • Details of remedies already exhausted
  • Supporting documents (If any)

On receipt of a complaint, the commission:

  1. Scrutinizes the complaint as per NCW mandate
  2. Mandated complaints are registered and case number allotted
  3. Non mandated complaints are summarily dismissed upon intimation
  4. As per the nature of the complaint, the mandated complaints are taken up with the concerned authorities. Following actions are mainly taken to redress the grievances of the complainants :
    1. Expediting/monitoring police investigation
    2. Monitor proper implementation of statutory provisions
    3. Resolving the issues through mediation/counseling
    4. For serious crimes, the National Commission for Women forms an Inquiry committee which further examines various aspects of the case.

Yes, you can file a complaint with National Commission for Women. The Commission will take up your case with your employer/concerned organization to monitor the proceedings of your complaint as per the mandatory provisions of the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, 2013.

Yes, you can approach the National Commission for Women in case your employer/ concerned organization is denying you the maternity benefit as per the provisions of the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961.

Yes, you can seek the National Commission for Women or State Women Commission’s help if you want to resolve the issue through mediation, counseling or for expediting police investigation.

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